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Thank you for visiting our stand in Anuga 2019

Updated: May 20, 2020

As is our tradition, we were once again exhibiting in Anuga. Thank you dear customers and visitors for making it another successful event for us.

We brought with us over 50 kg of product samples,  all with our Chef Ready brand, and they were all gone - always a good sign! We offered the following samples:

Oven Semi Dried IQF (frozen):

- Tomatoes (Segments, Halves, Slices, Cubes)

- Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown Cherry Tomatoes (Halves)

- Black and Green Figs (Segments)

- Apricot (Halves)

- Strawberry (Slices, Cubes) 

IQF (frozen from fresh):

- Tomatoes (Whole, Halves)

- Cherry Tomatoes (Whole, Halves)

- Black and Green Figs (Segments)

- IQF Mandarin (Trimmings)

- IQF Lemon (Trimmings)

- Strawberries (Whole) 

Oven Dried (ambient):

- Apples (Chips)

- Oranges (Chips)

- Mandarins (Chips)

- Lemons (Chips)

- Grapefruits (Chips)

- Strawberries (Chips)

- Zucchini (Chips)

- Beets (Chips) 

Available in Doypack, Vacuum Bag and Bulk formats, our products are 100% natural with no added preservatives or sugars. 

Also available in Private Label as well as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) options.

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